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Wide selection of high quality textiles.
Cotton-based terry cloth is used for sewing.
It has a unique fluffy texture with a light massage and relaxing effect. Such bathrobes and towels for hotels are warmer, more comfortable and softer.
The logo is machine-embroidered with high-quality polyester thread. When the embroidery gets old, it does not lose colour and keeps its shape.
The fabric "breathes" and immediately absorbs excess moisture.
Articles made of waffle fabric are wear-resistant, durable and do not require complicated maintenance.
Production of all kinds of products with knitted logo according to customer requirements for hotels, airlines, sports teams etc.
As well as textile accessories for the kitchen and dining room.
Embroidery on the edge or in the middle of the tablecloth gives the table a festive look.
A linen tablecloth is practical and environmentally friendly.
Linen is a fairly dense material and maintains its shape well.
Linen is very practical, it is easy to wash and does not lose its appearance after washing.
Linen tablecloths can be decorated not only with embroidery, but also with hemstitch and lace.
Embroidery patterns, symbols on tablecloths and napkins underline the uniqueness of the interior, the atmosphere in the office or in the restaurant.
Printing and embroidery of restaurant textiles.
Standard sets of tablecloths and napkins
6 napkins 32x32cm, tablecloth 180x160 cm
6 napkins 32x32cm, tablecloth 200x160 cm
12 napkins 32x32cm, tablecloth 230x160 cm
Decorative pillow with embroidery
The base is satin, it can be velour or velvet, the embroidery is in the middle and consists of silk thread.
The material of the pillow is light and breathable, it is easy to care for and does not require any special washing conditions.
Leather headrests for airplane seats with embroidered silk string logo.
The embroidery is done with a thin string in order not to cause any inconvenience to the customer / passenger.
Clothing, basic gabardine or mixed

Disposable slippers with embroidery made of soft velour or terry cloth, packed in an individual bag with embroidery.
With us, you can order products according to your sketch with your logo.
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